Welcome 2021

Dear colleagues and friends,

It is our great pleasure to invite you to a symposium with international participation “Contemporary Imaging Diagnostics of Tuberculosis and Other Inflammatory Diseases”, September 23-24, 2021, Belgrade, Serbia.

The Symposium is jointly organized by the Hybrid Imaging Active, the Academy of Medical Sciences and the Nuclear Medicine Section of Serbian Medical Society, in conjunction with the Faculty of Medicine, University of Belgrade, the Center for Nuclear Medicine with Positron Emission Tomography University Clinical Center of Serbia, and Serbian Society of Nuclear Medicine.

The Symposium is part of the Serbian Science and Diaspora Collaboration Program: Knowledge Exchange Vouchers, Science Fund of the Republic of Serbia, entitled “Improvement of radionuclide imaging of tuberculosis-IRIDoT”.

The aim of the Symposium is to promote awareness about contemporary nuclear medicine methods in clinical practice of tuberculosis and other infections and inflammations.

During two days, the scientific program will highlight the state-of-art morphological, functional and molecular imaging in the evaluation of tuberculosis, cardiovascular and musculoskeletal infections and inflammations, as well as Covid-19 infection. Along with local experts, distinguished international speakers will share their experiences. The symposium provides an opportunity for clinicians and scientists to learn about new advances in this growing field and exchange scientific ideas and clinical practice.

We hope that the Symposium “Contemporary Imaging Diagnostics of Tuberculosis and Other Inflammatory Diseases” will meet your expectations.

We look forward your active participation in the Symposium.

prof. dr Dragana Šobić Šaranović

prof. dr vera Artiko

Dr Aida Afgan